Nutella Truffles – guest post from Tale of Two Tomatoes

Nutella Truffles – guest post from Tale of Two Tomatoes -

It’s June already and yes, time for this month’s guest post. For this month, I invited the effervescent blogger newbie, Shalini of Tale of Two Tomatoes to delight us with something sweet.

Shalini is an army wife (and, that’s a pride in itself) based out of Pune and like many other bloggers, got into the food and cooking frenzy after marriage. A multitasker, she juggles the demands of a full-time career in IT, duties and responsibilities of an army wife and pours out her passion for cooking and writing through her blog. Shalini has a way with words and this is expressed beautifully in all her posts. I love her recipes – simple, easy and flavourful, a true celebration of home cooking.

And today, look what she has bought for us…Nutella truffles! A choco-lover’s delight!


The first thing that strikes me about these truffles is that these are so simple to make. A jar of Nutella, some cookies and cocoa powder – that’s all you need to put a beaming happy smile on your little one’s face.

So grab your bottle of Nutella and let’s whip up these amazing choco truffles…..



1. Nutella – 4 tbsp
2. Butter – 1 tsp
3. Chocolate chip cookies – 8, crushed
4. Cornflakes – 2 handfuls, crushed
5. Cocoa powder – for rolling the truffles


• Melt butter and nutella together for about 2 mins – either in a microwave or by the double boiling method.
• Next, mix in the crushed chocolate chip cookies & cornflakes.
• Bring to room temperature and make small sized balls out of the mixture.
• Roll each ball in cocoa powder till evenly coated.
• Refrigerate for about 30-40 mins before serving

Note – It tastes like Ferrero Rocher – the cocoa powder gives a bitter taste outside which enhances the taste. You can also use hot chocolate powder instead of coco powder for a sweet taste.



10 thoughts on “Nutella Truffles – guest post from Tale of Two Tomatoes

  1. How delish do those truffles look DHanya 🙂 …. Despite all the deposits in the calorie bank.. this is a must try…. Nice post as well..


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