Yumi’s Anytime Range – a Product Review

Yumi’s Anytime Tuna Mousse - thespiceadventuress.com

Let’s face it; all of us are constantly looking for convenience foods that make our lives just that bit easier.

As a food blogger, I cook at least 6-7 meals from scratch every week, some of them totally new ones. But there are also days when I just don’t want to enter the kitchen. Though I very rarely do product reviews, sometimes I get mails from really good brands with products that I really want to give a go. Such was the case with Yumi’s Quality Foods.

Yumi’s has recently launched its new ‘Anytime range – a series of classic dips and spreads in squeezable pouches. Though I am a person who generally prepares all kinds of dips from scratch, I wanted to try out Yumi’s especially during this season when most of us get super busy from parties, backyard barbecues and holidays.

There are two factors that immediately attracted me to try out Yumi’s. The first being that it is an Australian company with all their products manufactured locally. Secondly, the range is preservative free which speaks volumes to me. The Anytime range is also gluten free thereby making it more enjoyable for a larger section of society. The packaging also makes it easy to store in the refrigerator or take along on short holidays.

There are six classic products in the Anytime range. Here is a pictorial guide to each of these, how I put it to the test and my feedback on each.

Yumi’s Anytime Tuna Mousse – I used it to make these cute sandwich bites decorated with a green olive on top. It was delicious; the mousse had a really good texture and the flavour of the salty tuna through it was just perfect. Great for your children’s lunch boxes or party platters.
Yumi’s Classic Hommus – Another favourite of mine from the collection. Delicious…which is why my son has been demanding it every day with cucumber sticks for his lunch box.
Yumi’s Anytime Curried Egg – Packing lunch boxes can be a stressful time on some days. With nothing much in the refrigerator, the curried egg came to the rescue to create a light summery sandwich with salad leaves, cucumber and tomatoes. I liked the flavour but it was more like a curried mayo than a curried egg; but still happy. Used it as a salad dressing too and it was delicious.
Yumi’s Roasted Garlic Aioli and Spicy Tomato Salsa – Used it in combination for a quick working day lunch. A bacon and egg wrap with iceberg lettuce, vegetable salad and a generous squeeze of aioli and salsa. The aioli was really good; the flavour from the roasted garlic really came through. But not a big fan of the salsa; it lacked the punchy freshness of a good salsa.
Yumi’s Seeded Mustard and Honey Aioli – We had it with our after-school chicken nuggets. It was creamy and delicious but I found it slightly salty. Now this was only my opinion because my son and husband loved it. But I did squeeze some of it over a hot dog and it was really yumm. So guess it’s all to do with what you pair the aioli with.

Overall, a really good product that I will buy again, especially the tuna mousse and hommus which are my absolute two favourites.



Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post but all the opinions expressed are entirely mine.


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