Tiffinly – Made to order, Home-style. High prana food

Tiffinly – Made to order, Home-style. High prana food - thespiceadventuress.com

As much as I love to cook, there are some tasks that thoroughly bore me. And one that tops that list is making bread, of any kind.

I know bread lovers might hate me for saying this but playing around with dough of any kind, especially when it gets all sticky is something I totally dislike and just can’t bring myself to enjoy. And when I say breads, I include the Indian style flat breads too that are a staple in my household. While I do make it occasionally (just to stay in touch with the skills), most often I depend on external sources to get the job done.

Till recently, that meant either settling for the frozen ones from an Indian specialty store or the ‘so-called’ freshly baked ones from supermarkets. The former left me feeling guilty for the ‘ridiculous’ amount of plastic involved in a single packet and the carbon footprint while the latter left me feeling guilty due to the additives in it.

And that’s what led me to trying out Tiffinly!

I picked up a brochure for Tiffinly at our local Indian supermarket and their tag-line ‘Made to order, home-style, high prana food, made locally’ is what encouraged me to give this brand a try. Fresh, homemade chappathis (Indian wheat flatbreads) made in Melbourne was exactly what I was looking for, and hence decided to put this brand to the test. While Tiffinly does stock a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, my first order was only for the chappathis.

Tiffinly’s chappathis are made from whole meal Sharbati wheat and the most exciting thing was that these tasted exactly like how my mom used to make it. The chappathis I am used to eating and making at home myself (when I do!) has very less or almost no oil and is light and fluffy; exactly what I felt about the Tiffinly chappathis too.

It was quite ironic that after a few weeks (during which time, I had bought the chappathis multiple times), the brand got in touch with me for a collaboration to showcase their entire range with all of you. This was icing on the cake, because collaborating with a brand that you believe in is the best kind of experience.

So as I mentioned before, Tiffinly is all about fresh, home-style, made to order, high prana food.

Co-founded by Hemil Deshmukh and Kapil Sheth, the idea for Tiffinly germinated from the fact that both of them were missing the fresh, made from scratch meals that they were used to while living in India. The fact that they led extremely busy lives working in the corporate sector and spouses who worked in equally demanding jobs meant that there was hardly any time or energy left at the end of each work day to prepare fresh meals themselves.

Bulk cooking and freezing meals over weekends, resorting to takeaways, using processed supermarket ingredients were the norm for both of these families till Kapil went through a bad bout of health issues that jolted them back to the reality that fresh food is the most integral factor for good health. And this led to learning and understanding more about food, finally resulting in the formation of Tiffinly.

Tiffinly is an exciting service that allows everybody to have the ‘back home in India’ experience right here in Melbourne. Together with our team, we mindfully provide life-affirming, enriching food that brings bliss to the lives of many, everyday.”

Tiffinly’s delivery system works a bit different to other brands in the market. Instead of delivering it to your home, your order is delivered to a local store from where it can be picked up. While this might sound inconvenient to many, it actually works well as it is slightly more environment friendly as less packaging and cold boxes are required. There are plenty of stores across Melbourne, so you are likely to find a store in your neighbourhood itself.

The current products include ready to cook Chappathis (or Rotis/Phulkas), Puri (mini flat breads that are deep fried), Power pulses, Vege Gourmet, Vege Vitality, Whole meal crispy snack puri and also Delhi style gajar (carrot) halwa. The power pulses, vege gourmet and vege vitality are a rotating menu that changes every day so that there’s plenty of variety and no room for boredom. Those who think vegetarian food can be boring must definitely give their menu a try.

Tiffinly only stocks vegetarian food, which has nothing to do with religion, culture or philosophy. Yes, the benefits of including more veggies in your diet is more nourishing but it is also to do with the fact that there are many brands/companies in the meal delivery space that stock non vegetarian options while there are very few options for vegetarian food.

Currently Tiffinly operates only in Melbourne, but there are expansion plans to other cities as well.

While it’s not possible to taste and review every single dish, I did sample a few dishes from all categories including the flat breads. And every single item has my tick of approval, not just mine but my entire family loved it. Everything tasted homemade with the right amount of spices and oil which made it a winner in my eyes. The products we tried out are;

Chapati – Roti – Phulka (Ready to cook) – as I mentioned earlier in the post, I am a regular customer and buy these at least once a week. Made from whole meal wheat with very less oil, these chappathis are a lifesaver for me.

Puri (Ready to cook) – Tiny morsels of delight; our family loves it paired with a simple potato curry, just the way we are used to having it in India.

Daal fry (Hearty lentil mix) – Delicious, perfectly spiced lentils that are not just comforting but extremely nourishing for the body.

Stir fried Okra (Bhindi masala) – This one was my absolute favourite! Totally love okra especially this style of preparation and I was so excited that it tasted absolutely delicious. Highly recommended for the okra lovers.

Potato Eggplant Melange (Aloo Baingan sabzi) – Again a great vegetarian dish that tasted absolutely delicious.

Whole meal crispy snack puri – Makes an excellent snack during tea time, my son even loves it in his lunchbox. Great to have some on hand while entertaining guests; pair with some mint chutney for a great starter.

Delhi style gajar (carrot) ka halwa – a sweet finish to any meal. Made using 100% cruelty free whole milk, this tasted just the way it’s made in our homes and not the kind that’s often sold in restaurants. Pair it with vanilla icecream for the perfect summer dessert.

Tiffinly has also partnered with Akshay Patra – the world’s largest (not-for-profit run) Mid-Day Meal Programme serving wholesome food every school day to over 1.8 million children from 16,856 schools across 13 states & 1 Union territory of India.

The Share a Meal program (Meal for Meal) is their attempt to make a difference. Be a part of this fight against hunger simply by purchasing any of the products. A % of the sales goes towards this campaign against hunger so when you enjoy your Tiffinly meal you are also feeding a child in need. The target is to feed 100 children for 1 year by the end of the year. If interested, you can check their progress here.

To summarize, Tiffinly is a great choice for locally-made, home style vegetarian food. Perfect for busy families over the weekdays or for those who want to experience high quality Indian food occasionally.

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