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January Favourites

What a memorable month it has been!

Those who follow me on Instagram would be aware that I was away on a family holiday to India last month to attend my little brother’s wedding. Well, not so little in the eyes of the world, but for me, he’s always going to be the little bro as there’s a good ten year age gap between us. So for me, it was not a sisterly affection but rather a maternal instinct that has always been the predominant emotion at the base of my relationship with him.

I remember being totally besotted with him when he was born, spending hours staring at his innocent face. He was such a happy baby and according to me, the most beautiful one I have laid eyes on. So to have that boy all grown up and getting ready to embark on the next chapter of his life has been quite a bit of an emotional one.

Emotions ofcourse ride high but a wedding also means lotsa shopping which is very enjoyable though hard on the pocket. So I did splurge a bit……after all, have to play the eldest sis role to perfection.

For the engagement, I chose to go Western in a full length couture gown from Jadore Australia, purchased from Demile boutique based in Brunswick. I had to research and spend a lot of time getting this outfit simply because I didn’t know where exactly to look.

For the initial part, I kept looking in shopping centres; while there were plenty of choices for wedding guest outfits, there weren’t many options for full length couture gowns. But after much searching, I realised that I was looking in all the wrong places. One of the best places to go wedding shopping in Melbourne is Sydney Road, Brunswick which has so many boutiques with all kinds of price points. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid or a guest, there are so many options here. I particularly liked my experience at Demile, because of the customer service and the staff went out of their way to get me the size and colour I needed even when I had very little time.

Jadore gown -

The best thing about Jadore was the designs were beautiful, plenty to choose from and reasonable priced. If you are looking out for formal wear, then check out their website for designs and then find a stockist that’s nearest to your location as the brand does not sell directly to public.

For the wedding, I decided to go traditional and wore a saree after such a long long time. And also a shot with my boys in too….

It was the first time after so many years that my whole family came together for a holiday. Usually it’s difficult for my siblings and their families to take a holiday at the same time as us since we live in different countries and the vacations never match. But this time owing to the wedding, all of us were there with our kids in tow which made it one of the most memorable holidays ever.

Getting back to life here, I was down with a really bad bout of flu after reaching back which meant that my best laid work plans all went haywire. Finally after a hiatus of about 1.5 months, got back into the kitchen for the first proper homecooked meal of 2019. And I wanted to indulge in a comforting Indian meal

Indian meal -

Also on the menu for the week ahead is Baid Mutajjan – a Middle Eastern style of fried hard boiled eggs coated with sumac and sesame seeds. It’s a simple dish but works brilliantly as a side to most meals and also as an after school snack for Adi.

Baid Mutajjan -

2019 is for experimenting and learning more about ancient grains. Starting with this Bajra Khichdi.

Kaima idli….breakfast, snack, lunch box or even a party starter!

A vegan one pot taco spaghetti….sounds unique and delicious.

Korean egg rolls; this is the humble omelette gone gourmet.

A veggie loaded butter chicken curry. Interesting!

I love couscous and forever looking for interesting ways to make it; this recipe definitely on my list.

Have you ever tried the Bohri style Dal Gosht (mutton with lentils)…it’s simply heavenly!

If you have a sweet tooth, then you must definitely check out my Pinterest board for loads of delicious inspiration and recipes.

Continuing on the sweet note, this raspberry pistachio chocolate is to die for….

Eco-friendly steel art for your home! I can’t wait to splurge on some of Lisa’s designs; do check out her IG account.

Time to go knitwear shopping!




The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge

The Bank is located inside a heritage building on the popular Sydney Road, Brunswick.

Even though I had looked at the website, The Bank was nothing like I imagined it would be. Walking into the restaurant was like walking into a music academy. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the different instruments, the open stage and the music school (a small room nestled within the restaurant). Only after all this, would you notice that this place is also a café and restaurant.

The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge -

The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge -

The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge -

A chat with Sebastian Riggio (owner, chef, musician and much more….) gave us a deeper insight into why music was such an integral part of The Bank.

Sebastian not only has a passion for music but also for discovering new talent; train and set them up for the world stage. One of his protégé is Eva Kourtes (best female guitarist, 2014), guitarist, pianist, musician, songwriter and composer who will soon be going on a world tour with the music legend, Carlos Santana.

And when Eva is not teaching at the music school or performing with her band, Evaluation, at The Bank, she also dons the cap of the unassuming waitress who might be serving you while you are dining there. Much to learn and get inspired by from this 20 year old!

Coming to food, The Bank is all about fresh, wholesome and hearty Sicilian cuisine.

While I have eaten at plenty of Italian restaurants, there were a few dishes on the menu that were so classic Sicilian, not common in many other places.

The bar menu is basic; a few choices ticking of all categories like wines, spirits, cold drinks, hot beverages etc….

For drinks, we got a glass of house red, a sparkling and lemon lime bitters.

The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge -

We started the meal with Arrancini – deep fried rice balls, topped with fresh bolognese and parmesan. A classic Italian dish, but you will soon realize how the flavours are different depending on the region of Italy. I loved the fact that it was topped with bolognese; added so much flavour to the whole dish.

The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge -

The second starter we tried was the Polpetti – homemade meatballs in a Napolitana sauce. I love Italian style meatballs and this is one dish that I always order. But I was surprised that the Polpetti was quite different to what I have eaten at other places. The texture was slightly dry and the meatball had a crusty exterior. It was served as one large meatball with the Napolitana sauce. I was told that this was the Sicilian style where instead of mince, it’s the sausage stuffing that’s used to make Polpetti. While the dish tasted good, I think I prefer the other style of meatballs compared to this one.

The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge -

We also ordered the Orange & Fennel Salad – served with extra virgin olive oil, spring onions, chilli flakes. A light and really refreshing salad, this was a good accompaniment with the Polpetti.

The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge -

For mains, we got Homemade Salsici – spicy sausages served with a garlic & onion tapenade. I cannot stop raving about this dish. I have never had sausages made like this before. Fresh homemade pork sausages in the most deliciously spicy garlic, pepper and onion tapenade. Absolutely blown away by the flavours and the dish of the day. Highly recommended!

When I asked more about this dish, Sebastian said that the secret lies in the sausages that are made in house. He was kind enough to even show me some. One of those dishes where you truly appreciate the magic that quality ingredients can bring to a dish.

The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge -

The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge -

And of course we had to try out the artisan pizza range. While The Bank does regular style pizza dough,  it’s recommended to try out the artisan style pizzas that are native to Sicily. We chose the Caltagirone, a very traditional one topped with prosciutto, tomatoes, spinach and onions. It was clear why the artisan style dough stands out; the thin crusty base with a really good balance of toppings was perfectly delicious. Subtle yet so full of flavour.

The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge -

The Lasagna Siciliana – ham, cheese, peas topped with napolitana or bolognese sauce is another signature dish at The Bank. Though I didn’t try it out, I was kindly allowed into the kitchen to watch the making process. And I am sure I will be ordering it the next time I visit The Bank.

The Bank, Brunswick (Melbourne) – Restaurant, Café and Music Lounge -

In a nutshell, The Bank is a place where home style Sicilian cooking meets great music. Drop in for a bite or catch up with friends for a coffee in the lounge. But stay back for the music!

The Bank

840 Sydney Road

Phone no: (03) 9383 1963 / 0418 996 321


Thursday : 5:30 – 10:30pm
Friday – Sunday : 12:30 – 10:30pm

Disclaimer – I visited The Bank as a guest of AGFG, but the opinions are entirely mine.

The BANK brunswick Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Brunswick Flour Mill (Sydney Rd, Brunswick) – a Review

Brunswick Flour Mill is situated on the iconic Sydney Road in Brunswick, which is a food lover’s paradise. The name comes from the unique heritage building that is atleast 100 years old in which the café is housed. Apparently, it was a location for trading and flour was one of the main commodities, hence the name.

The unique heritage structure is visible not just outside but inside the café interiors too with rustic wooden furniture, vintage flour sacks, balances and other props that add to the warm ambience and the bygone history of the place.

Brunswick Flour Mill (Sydney Rd, Brunswick) – a Review -

Brunswick Flour Mill (Sydney Rd, Brunswick) – a Review -

Brunswick Flour Mill (Sydney Rd, Brunswick) – a Review -

The café culture of Melbourne is really strong and personally, I love the trend because it’s such a nice space to enjoy a cup of coffee all by yourself or have a quick lunch with friends or colleagues. This time, I was meeting a new friend who had just moved to Melbourne to pursue her dream of being a pastry chef.

When the new management took over around a year ago, there was a revamp of the old menu. The dishes are all familiar but now with an emphasis on clean flavours and use of local, sustainable and organic ingredients wherever possible. There are also plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans. The all day breakfast menu has something for all taste buds and dietary needs ranging from a healthy bowl of granola to salads, pancakes and the big breakfast with eggs, sausages and all the sides.

And ofcourse coffee is serious business at Brunswick Flour Mill. The owner, Anjali Diddi, said that they use only certified organic rainforest alliance coffee which has been selected and roasted by some of Melbourne’s premier baristas.

Apart from coffee and tea varieties, there is also a selection of freshly squeezed fruit juices, smoothies and a basic alcohol menu.

Brunswick Flour Mill is now open for dinner too from Thursday to Saturday. The new dinner menu has the classics as always but will also include more health conscious yet delicious additions.

We were at the café for lunch, so began our meal with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a glass of Chardonnay.

Brunswick Flour Mill (Sydney Rd, Brunswick) – a Review -

My friend couldn’t look past the Wagyu Beef Burger on the menu so that’s what she ordered. With a homemade beef patty, bacon, caramelized onions, pickled cucumber, cheese, iceberg lettuce and tomato relish between perfectly toasted buns, this one was a juicy delicious delight. And the in house aioli and chips was a perfect match. Definitely recommended if you want to sink your teeth into something meaty and delicious.

Brunswick Flour Mill (Sydney Rd, Brunswick) – a Review -

Brunswick Flour Mill (Sydney Rd, Brunswick) – a Review -

I chose to order the day’s special, the French Omelette and a side of thyme flavoured mushrooms. The sides menu is really interesting and you can also put together your meal without having to order a specific dish from the menu. For eg: you can order some eggs and add a side of mushrooms or sausage etc….

The French omelette lived up to my expectations; fluffy and moist with a filling of earthy mushrooms, ham, caramelized onions, sun dried tomatoes and herbs, it was light yet really delicious. A really satisfying meal with two toasts of sourdough and butter on the side.

Brunswick Flour Mill (Sydney Rd, Brunswick) – a Review -

Brunswick Flour Mill (Sydney Rd, Brunswick) – a Review -

The café also stocks a range of cakes, pastries, muffins etc….that is prepared fresh and can be chosen from the counter shelf.

To summarize, the Brunswick Flour Mill is a great café to step into while out and about in the area. With a warm and welcoming ambience, it’s the perfect spot to catch up over delicious food or grab a great coffee and muffin on the go.

Brunswick Flour Mill

341 Sydney Rd.
Brunswick 3056
Phone no:  (03) 9078 0497

Monday: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesday: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm/5.30pm – 10.00pm
Friday: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm/5.30pm – 10.00pm
Saturday: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm/5.30pm – 10.00pm
Sunday: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Brunswick Flour Mill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer – I dined as a guest of AGFG and Brunswick Flour Mill, but all the thoughts and opinions about the food are entirely mine.

Woodstock Pizzicheria (Lygon St, Brunswick) – Launch of New Menu + a Review

Woodstock Pizzicheria has definitely carved a name for itself in the wood fired pizza scene of Melbourne. This award winning restaurant chain, built by the pizza champion, Tony Cannata is one of the best places in town to enjoy traditional Roman style pizzas.

I was invited a few weeks ago to the launch of their new menu and must admit, that this was my first time at the pizzicheria. The event was a brilliant and delicious one with an array of Sicilian style starters, cold cuts, cheese boards, pizza platters and of course a very impressive dessert platter.

Woodstock Pizzicheria (Lygon St, Brunswick) – Launch of New Menu + a Review

I loved everything at the event; the ambience, food and service; so I decided to do a proper review for all of you by visiting Woodstock once again just like any other customer so that you have an idea of what to expect when you walk in.

The ambience and décor at Woodstock Pizzicheria can be best described as rustic Sicilian with a lot of fun elements and hints of contemporary thrown in. While the furniture and interiors have a very traditional feel, the bar is a contemporary addition to the space. The open kitchen is a hub of activity that adds to the appeal of the restaurant. It’s a place where you can spend good quality time with friends and family even when it’s packed to the brim.

Woodstock Pizzicheria (Lygon St, Brunswick) – Launch of New Menu + a Review

And they seem to love Nutella quite a bit, there’s plenty of references to that as soon as you walk in!

Woodstock Pizzicheria (Lygon St, Brunswick) – Launch of New Menu + a Review

The service at Woodstock will remind you of Italian hospitality. The staff are attentive, warm and friendly; quite happy to help you out with suggestions from the menu and also help out in choosing the right wine for your meal. The wine list is good and features many Italian wines, which you might need help with unless you are familiar. The cocktail list was basic but I loved the choices they had.

The menu is a small one and I am beginning to enjoy restaurants which do that because it means that they focus on producing high quality dishes. Pizzas rule the roost and is made the classic Roman way; the rest of the menu is more Sicilian inspired.

Woodstock Pizzicheria (Lygon St, Brunswick) – Launch of New Menu + a Review

So my friends went for the 2013 Majella Shiraz (Coonawarra, South Australia) and I chose their signature Nonno è Vivo (Disaronno, vodka and Kahlua. Topped with soda water, lime juice and crushed ice). Both the choices were perfect for our meal. I loved the cocktail especially with that Kahlua which gave it that warm bittery notes.

Woodstock Pizzicheria (Lygon St, Brunswick) – Launch of New Menu + a Review

Woodstock Pizzicheria (Lygon St, Brunswick) – Launch of New Menu + a Review

We started the meal with Calamari fritti – calamari rings dusted in semolina with lime and black pepper, served with aioli. It was amazing; the calamari was so perfectly cooked, soft and melt in the mouth. The spices were subtle and the lime added a very refreshing flavour to the calamari. The perfect thing to munch on with the drinks.

Woodstock Pizzicheria (Lygon St, Brunswick) – Launch of New Menu + a Review

The next starter we tried was the Polpette della Nonna – traditional Sicilian style meatballs made from lamb and pork mince simmered in a Napoli sauce. I am a huge fan of meatballs especially the Italian ones and this didn’t disappoint at all. The meatballs were soft and flavourful and that sauce was delicious, very tomatoey but with the right balance.

Woodstock Pizzicheria (Lygon St, Brunswick) – Launch of New Menu + a Review

I will also recommend the Crocché di Patate – potato croquettes with Provolone cheese and Salsicce alla griglia – homemade pure pork sausages, both of which I had at the launch event. The sausages were just divine so if you eat pork, do try it out for sure.

Time for the pizzas! We tried out the Woodstock with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, caramelized onion, potatoes, zucchini, grilled eggplant, oregano and Pecorino cheese. It’s quite unusual for me to order a vegetarian pizza (I am quite partial to the meats when it comes to pizza) but I am so happy I did. The Woodstock had beautiful flavours; the base was light, thin and crisp and the smoky caramelized flavours of the onion was awesome. Mixed opinions about the eggplant but that’s because I am not fond of it but overall, a brilliant vegetarian pizza that I wouldn’t hesitate to order again.

The next one we tried was the Gamberi Piccante with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes, fresh chilli and basil. The clear winner and highlight of the dinner was this beauty. Simplicity is best and this one is a clear example of that. Perfectly cooked prawns on a thin crispy base, with that beautifully flavoured tomato sauce, a mild kick from the chillies and the freshness of the tomatoes and basil. Spot on and highly recommended!

Woodstock Pizzicheria (Lygon St, Brunswick) – Launch of New Menu + a Review

Woodstock Pizzicheria (Lygon St, Brunswick) – Launch of New Menu + a Review

Since I was out with friends, couldn’t do dessert as they wanted to check out another dessert bar nearby. But I would definitely go back for it since I ate some awesome stuff during the launch event.

In short, Woodstock Pizzicheria is a place you must visit if you love traditional Italian thin crust pizzas with really good quality ingredients. A beautiful ambience and excellent service completes the dining experience. Make sure to make a booking ahead!

Woodstock Pizzicheria
63-67 Lygon Street, Brunswick
Melbourne, Victoria
Phone no:03 9387 7770

Sunday to Thursday: 12pm-3pm / 5pm-10.30pm
Friday, Saturday: 12pm-3pm / 5pm-midnight

Woodstock Pizzicheria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer – I was given a $50 voucher, the rest of the bill was paid for by me and my friends.

Blue Chillies (Fitzroy, Melbourne) – a Review

A modern Malaysian restaurant located on the bustling Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, Blue Chillies has been on my agenda for a really long time.

The term ‘modern Malaysian’ did make me a little skeptical initially, the only reason being very few restaurants can deliver a modern take on a classic cuisine successfully. But after reading a couple of my blogger friends’ reviews of the place, I was ready to put it to the test.

Blue Chillies has been around for 16 years now. It is a small restaurant nestled comfortably amongst the vibrant food scene of Fitzroy. It is best to reserve ahead of time as it is a small space with diners many.


We had made a reservation for an early dinner last weekend. Walking in, you do notice that the space is cramped but you also do notice the warm, inviting ambience. We were warmly greeted at the door and seated immediately.

There was a distinct Oriental feel to the restaurant but with modern touches. Traditional bamboo and ceramic pots and pans sat alongside modern bottles of wines capturing the real essence of the place.



For drinks, we got lemon, lime bitters for the children and non-drinkers while the rest of us went for a bottle of 2009 The Individual Selection Bicheno Chardonnay (Tasmania), as suggested by the staff. A really refined, high quality Chardonnay which paired beautifully with the Asian flavours. Do not hesitate to ask for matching wines or suggestions; the staff are quite knowledgeable on the wine front.


2009 The Individual Selection Bicheno Chardonnay (Tasmania)

We started the meal with a Blue Chillies classic; Black pepper soft shell crab with ground peppercorn sauce and aromatic curry leaves. Utterly delicious especially if you like the texture of soft shell crabs. Crispy on the outside and sweet succulent crab meat inside with a sweet and spicy peppercorn sauce. A tad bit pricey dish as each serve is just one crab cut into half. So if there are many people at the table, you might need to order accordingly.

(Kindly excuse the bad quality pics; the food was way more interesting than taking the perfect shot!)


Black pepper soft shell crab with ground peppercorn sauce and aromatic curry leaves

The second starter we ordered was Ikan Bilis or crispy fried whitebait tossed in a spicy sambal of onions, garlic and chillies. A dish that strongly reminded me of this traditional Kerala dry shrimp preparation. It was totally delicious and a winner with all of us. Spicy, tangy, sour, sweet…all Asian flavours intermingled on a plate. We loved it so much that we ordered a second plate of this one. Totally recommended for the fish and sambal lovers.


Ikan Bilis or crispy fried whitebait tossed in a spicy sambal of onions, garlic and chillies

The third starter was from the daily specials menu – fried chicken wings flavoured with pandan leaves. Crispy, crunchy chicken wings with that aromatic pandan flavour, again a winner. Do check out the daily specials board or make sure to ask the staff.


Fried chicken wings flavoured with pandan leaves

For mains, we began with Crispy chicken with star anise, Sichuan peppers and cinnamon drizzled with a homemade plum sauce. I was a bit skeptical about the flavours but the crispy, mildly spiced chicken worked so beautifully with the intense and highly flavourful plum sauce. Not so sweet but rich and sticky coating the chicken pieces so lovingly. Awesome dish….


Crispy chicken with star anise, Sichuan peppers and cinnamon drizzled with a homemade plum sauce

Next dish was another Blue Chillies classic – Thrice cooked duck served with a wild ginger flower, lemongrass, chilli and lime juice sauce. Absolutely divine! The duck was cooked to perfection, melt in your mouth and deliciously accompanied with the aromatic and flavourful sauce. Again totally recommended!


Thrice cooked duck served with a wild ginger flower, lemongrass, chilli and lime juice sauce

We also got curry lamb, a traditional Malaysian curry which delivers exactly how it is meant to be. Succulent meat in a spicy, delicious curry paired with steamed rice. This one is a must try for the curry lovers and those who are looking for a true taste of Malaysia.


Curry Lamb

And of course we need a side of veggies which was taken care of with this delightfully crunchy assorted vegetables stir fried with garlic. A vibrant selection of veggies, stir fried with garlic; crispy and delicious.


Assorted vegetables stir fried with garlic

As always, left with no space to try out dessert and we promised the staff that we will be back to try out the desserts too which I have heard are real good.

Overall, a real treat for those who are looking for delicious Malaysian food with a modern touch. There was nothing much to fault with any of the dishes that we had. As mentioned, a tad bit pricey but situated in Fitzroy and serving high quality food, you can’t expect cheaper prices. And Blue Chillies is definitely not your neighbourhood Asian takeaway.

My rating – 8.5/10

Blue Chillies

182 Brunswick Street

Melbourne, Victoria

Phone no: 03 9417 0071



Blue Chillies Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



Disclaimer – Not a sponsored post; all the food and drinks were paid for by me.


400 Gradi, Brunswick – a Review

I have been hearing quite a bit about the food scene of Brunswick but haven’t had an opportunity to explore that area till now. Recently, I was there to attend a pottery open studio and also to pick up a few ceramic pieces to add to my prop collection. 400 Gradi was right across the street and somehow, very inviting too.

Now I must admit that I am quite new to the restaurant scene of Melbourne which is why I had absolutely no idea of this restaurant when I walked in. It was good in one way…since I didn’t go in with any kind of expectation; I was able to assess the quality and experience in an unbiased manner.

The connection between 400 Gradi and Pizza Master, Johnny Di Francesco dawned on me only when I happened to see a program of his on television. 400 Gradi is his flagship restaurant but he also runs many pizza and calzone outlets across Australia. With plenty of international acclaim for his pizzas, Johnny is fondly referred to as Melbourne’s Mr. Pizza which reflects perfectly at 400 Gradi.


Though there is a large al fresco area, I would recommend that you get seated inside to enjoy the classic and decadent ambience of 400 Gardi. While the seating areas are done tastefully in hues of black and antique gold, the bar area is all vintage wood with rows upon rows of great wines and drinks and a glass salumi cabinet.




Going through the menu, the first thing I noticed was the prices. It is an expensive place to eat especially if you are going as a family or paying for a large group. But there’s quality to match the prices which was a solace.

For drinks, my husband chose a Peroni while I went for a glass of 2012 Mocandunda Riesling. While I may not know how to speak in the wine language, I can definitely say that this was one of the best wines I have tasted in a long time. I love Rieslings and this one was sweet, citrusy and zesty…..totally refreshing and highly recommended.


We started off the meal with Polpette al sugo (Italian style beef meatballs cooked in Napoli sauce served with toasted bread). I have eaten and prepared so many different types of meatballs in my lifetime but none as delicious as this. Melt in the mouth meatballs with an equally delicious Napoli sauce. It was delicious…..

Polpette al sugo (Italian style beef meatballs cooked in Napoli sauce served with toasted bread)

Polpette al sugo (Italian style beef meatballs cooked in Napoli sauce served with toasted bread)

The next dish we ordered was Fiori di zucca (Stuffed zucchini flowers with fresh buffalo ricotta, spanner crab and chilli). Oh my! I just didn’t want the dish to end…..wish I had a deep wallet to go on eating these. Beautifully fried zucchini flowers with the creamy insides. In yum heaven!

Fiori di zucca (Stuffed zucchini flowers with fresh buffalo ricotta, spanner crab and chilli)

Fiori di zucca (Stuffed zucchini flowers with fresh buffalo ricotta, spanner crab and chilli)

And of course, you cannot dine at 400 Gradi and not eat pizza. For someone who is much more acclimatized to eating pizzas from the fast food chains, real Italian pizzas can be a revelation. There are very few ingredients as toppings unlike the former which comes loaded with toppings. We ordered the Salsiccia e friarielli (with mozzarella, sausages and friarielli). Many of the dishes were explained using Italian terms on the menu so if you are not familiar with the language, it is best to ask the staff who are very helpful.

When the pizza arrived at the table, we were thinking of how the taste would be since there were just 3 ingredients including the cheese. But the quality of the ingredients is so good that you begin to savor each individual ingredient. The taste of the mozzarella and the sausages was so delish; a different pizza eating experience for me.

Salsiccia e friarielli (with mozzarella, sausages and friarielli)

Salsiccia e friarielli (with mozzarella, sausages and friarielli)

Overall, an amazing experience. The staff was wonderful and attentive, the food arrived on time and we had nothing to complain. Eating at 400 Gradi is a costly affair so a bit of planning might do you good especially if you want to sample many dishes or go in a large group.


My rating – 8.5/10

400 Gradi

99 Lygon Street
Melbourne, VIC

Phone no: 03 9380 2320


All days – 12 pm to 11 pm

Disclaimer – Wish someone had paid the bill! All of it went out of my own pocket.