Italian Lamb Stew in Red Wine

How much, of your personal self/life, do you share on your blog? Is there a limit? Should there be a limit? A debatable topic and one that lurks behind the back of every blogger who brings a piece of her self to her blog. It’s the same with me too and I often wonder if…… Continue reading Italian Lamb Stew in Red Wine

Lamb stew with veggies

Stews are popular in countries which witness harsh winters. Curled and snuggled up under your favourite blanket with a bowl of hot, heartwarming, rich, meaty stew – life is beautiful! The best thing about stews is that these are easy to prepare, have an equal mix of veggies and meat and are often one-pot recipes…… Continue reading Lamb stew with veggies

Lamb with Okra

Lamb and potatoes – for many years, I thought that was the only combination that would work in terms of taste and texture. After my marriage into a Tamil Christian household, I realized that lamb can be ‘quite successfully’ teamed up with many vegetables like okra (lady’s finger, drumstick, white radish etc.) And recently, I…… Continue reading Lamb with Okra