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Hi, I am Dhanya Samuel, owner and creator of The Spice Adventuress, an international food blog.

This blog accepts compensation for sponsored posts, reviews, advertising and other insertions.

The Spice Adventuress believes in honesty, values and honours her readers. Hence compensation is only accepted for posts that are relevant and identifies with the general principles of this blog. All the opinions are of the owner and are not dependent on the compensation received. Any content that is sponsored or an advertisement will be clearly identified and made known to the readers on that post.

All the views and opinions expressed on The Spice Adventuress are my own; any product claim, quote or statistic about the product or service should be taken up with manufacturer/company/brand in question.
This blog does not contain any content that might be a conflict of interest.

You may find links provided on this blog which lead to other websites; these are solely a source of information for the reader and I do not imply a responsibility or an endorsement of the site, its owner or contents in any manner.

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2 thoughts on “Disclosure Policy

  1. Vivian January 26, 2018 at 8:00 pm Reply

    I hope you are in good health. My name is Vivian and I am writing this note to request a favor of you and your expert palate.

    We have one thing in common, the love good healthy food and spicy hot peppers in particular. Consequently, I would like to request that you taste and give me feedback on some pepper sauce and oils that has been in my family for years.
    We do not go anywhere to eat without these oils or sauces. They constitute a part of our gastronomy, as we take them with us when we travel, go to restaurants and use them at home. These spices are just shy of being indispensable as we use them for virtually every meal; from scrambled eggs, meats, fish, stews, marinades, soups, dips, etc. These peppers enhance any food item without overwhelming it. We have had to share these peppers with family and friends every time we make a batch. Once they taste it, they get hooked and want more and more. 
    So now we want to spread our wings to see if we can find more Pepper lovers in the world who can benefit from this product. But before we get out, we want to have an expert like you sample the product first. We would like to send you a sample to try and give us your opinion.
    All our products are homemade, all natural, vegan, gluten free, nut free,  with zero preservative or additives. 

    We would very much appreciate your kind help


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    • vanyadhanya January 27, 2018 at 12:06 pm Reply

      Hi Vivian; thanks for getting in touch. I would definitely like to try out your products; it would be an absolute pleasure. But could you send me more details through email as it is my preferred source of communication. It’s

      I will wait to hear from you so that we can work out how best I can be of help.


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