Potato ishtew (stew)

Another classic, traditional dish that enjoys its quiet spot on the Onam sadhya spread. For decades, like most Mallus, I called this dish potato ishtew (well, that’s how this dish is known everywhere in Kerala!) Finally, it dawned on me that its stew and ‘ishtew’ was just another example of how Mallus would copy something [...]


This dish is an inevitable part of every Onam sadhya (feast) and is made traditionally using white gourd or winter melon (kumblanga). But in spite of frantically searching in the farmer’s market or Indian stores, I couldn’t find this vegetable anywhere. So I decided to use native Australian cucumbers which had no physical resemblance to [...]

Avial (Mixed vegetables in a creamy coconut yoghurt base)

I originally intended to put up recipes for all the dishes that traditionally form a part of the Onam sadhya (feast). But unfortunately, I could not. Now that Onam is over and I have had the chance to prepare all these dishes once again, I was able to document it better this time from a [...]