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March Favourites

March is our family’s birthday month.

Adi turned ten while I inched closer to the big 4, and with half a dozen family members celebrating birthdays too, March is always a happy and busy one.

Not just on the personal front, March has also been a great one on the work front. Lots of new recipes, articles, working with some excellent brands creating content that motivates me and makes my readers happy; I was truly in a fulfilling space.

One of my favourite recipes from March is the Lucknowi style Kofta Pulao; it was fragrant, aromatic and sheer indulgence. Many of you wrote to me how much you loved this dish…thanks for trying out and letting me know.

Lucknowi (or Awadhi) style Kofta Pulao -

There were also some great opportunities to visit new restaurants in town, and a particularly interesting one was the Earthbound Bolton. It’s a café that drives home a strong sentiment of taking care of our land, being environment friendly and adopting sustainable choices.

Earthbound Bolton (Eltham, Melbourne) -

Developed two amazing recipes for Supreme Seafood this month.

The first one was a lipsmacking Marathi style Prawns Curry.

The Konkan region in India has some of the choicest seafood preparations and this Marathi style prawns curry is no exception. Simmered in freshly grounded spices and coconut, the prawns absorb every drop of flavor. Pour liberally over steaming hot rice for a delicious experience!

Marathi style Prawns Curry -

The second seafood recipe was a Sindhi style Grilled Fish.

A deliciously intense spice blend generously slathered over the whole fish which is then marinated and grilled to perfection. This popular fish recipe from the Sindhi cuisine is traditionally made using a river fish called ‘palla’. But today a large whole trout has been used to recreate this delicacy.

Sindhi style Grilled Fish -


Other favourites for the month of March;

These twice baked baby potatoes look incredible.

Aren’t these the most gorgeous looking spring rolls?

Soup weather is back and this noodle soup is slurrrrpworthy!

If you have a slow cooker at home, then this Moroccan chicken is a must try.

Husbands that Cook! I know, most of us wish for the same. But this is not just a wish; this is the name of an amazing cookbook by some really cool guys. Maybe I should get Sam a copy.

My favourite website for authentic Mexican recipes

And this is my favourite website for restaurant reviews

Being a food photographer and stylist, I constantly like to inspire myself by observing and learning from the creative works of other food photographers and bloggers. Check out my Pinterest board on Food Styling to get your creative juices flowing.

Stunning is the word for these vintage etched champagne flutes

Getting this beautiful Corfu planter to add to my indoor garden.

Love tropical fresh fragrances for my home.

Absolutely love this Tibi drape dress, and isn’t it in the most gorgeous colour?

And finally, the school holidays are almost here. And if you want to find ways to entertain your kiddos this season, check out all the events that are happening.



Chettinad Style Grilled Snapper

Today, the Chettinad Meen Varuval gets a grillin!

Meen Varuval aka fried fish….the term cannot get more generic than that. There are a zillion ways for frying fish in India itself (forget about the other cuisines of the world). Now I cannot claim to have eaten all the different types but my excessive fondness for seafood has led me to try a large chunk of it.

The Chettinad style of fried fish is one among the simplest yet more flavourful ones that I have had. The marinade is simple with a few spices and aromatics but the defining flavour comes from the red chilli powder which is obtained by grinding dry round chillies (known as goondu milagu in the native language). These chillies have a sweet smoky flavour and are easily available at most Indian and Asian grocers.

Traditionally fried, but I am grilling this beautiful whole snapper that I picked up at my local farmer’s market. I would totally recommend to marinate the fish ahead of time to let the flavours seep in. You can any kind of fish for this; the traditional favourite is Spanish mackerel or kingfish but I would recommend just about any fish including salmon (just don’t overcook it though).



Barbecue season will be upon us soon and this grilled snapper can be the perfect centrepiece for your party. A side of salad or grilled vegetables and you have a delicious winner on your hands.


1. 2 whole red snapper; cleaned and gutted, keeping the head
2. 3 – 3 ½ tsp red chilli powder (made by grinding dry goondu milagu)
3. 1 tsp turmeric powder

Read the full recipe here.



Recipe developed, styled and photographed for Supreme Seafood.

Kerala style Grilled LeatherJacket in Banana Leaf

It’s a cold, wet day in Melbourne today and it makes me super lazy. And it’s Thursday already, which makes me even lazier with the comforting thought of the approaching weekend.

But there’s a mountain of work that I need to wade through before the end of the day and writing this post is one of them.

In my last seafood post, I did mention this wonderful and delicious project that I have currently undertaken for a seafood company. I also did mention that you are going to see a lot of seafood dishes for the same reason. Now, I am not complaining because I love seafood and thoroughly enjoy cooking and devouring it.

The recipes are mostly going to be based on Indian cuisine but I am aiming at a good, mixed variety showcasing the vastness of Indian food and the sheer variety we have in our country. So do pour in suggestions if there’s anything in particular that you would like to see or if you have any family favourites that I must try out.

Meen Pollichathu or Fish smoked in banana leaf, is a traditional delicacy of Kerala and one of the most popular dishes in and around the Backwaters of Kerala.

Today, this famous dish gets a makeover; one that is more refreshing, low on spices and calories.

Kerala style Grilled Leatherjacket in Banana Leaf - a delicious classic gets reinvented -

And very untraditionally, I have used the leatherjacket to prepare today’s dish. This fish gets its name from the slight thicker and leathery skin; but with delicious flesh beneath. Being a robust fish, it can take on layers of flavour which makes it apt for this dish. Leatherjacket is best grilled or pan fried with spices and aromatics. To use in curries, remove skin and use the fillets.

You could use any kind of fish for this preparation, especially ones with firm, white flesh.

Kerala style Grilled Leatherjacket in Banana Leaf - a delicious classic gets reinvented -

The leatherjacket is first marinated with spices and shallow fried. It is then grilled inside a banana leaf with onions, tomatoes, freshly grated coconut and shallots. If you do not have an oven, then you can use a pan grill or an ordinary non-stick pan; just remember to smear a few drops of oil to avoid the leaves from sticking. And remember to grill it on low heat, to let the flavours seep through the fish.



So here’s Kerala style grilled leatherjacket in banana leaf; and for the recipe, you need to visit this site.

Kerala style Grilled Leatherjacket in Banana Leaf - a delicious classic gets reinvented -


Recipe developed, styled and shot for Supreme Seafood.

Grilled Berbere Fish – and food conversations on Facebook groups

I have been quite an active member of several Facebook food groups. In fact, my decision to start a blog was inspired by the encouragement I received from these food groups. Though I am a member of more than a dozen groups, there are only a few that inspire me or are really close to my heart. A quick shout out to my foodie friends out there…..

Kannur food guide (KFG) – ‘A home away from home’, that’s what KFG means to me. I was a total stranger to the group when I joined but now, it seems as if I have known most of them forever. A really warm, friendly and non-judgmental group, it is not just a place to have great fun-filled food conversations but also a place where you can forge great friendships.

Chef at Large (CAL) – I am a recent entrant to this food group. But this is my go to place for the most innovative and intellectual food conversations. There are many serious foodies in CAL and you will get to see a very high level of dishes here. The members here possess serious food talents and expertise; and I have gained immensely to broaden my culinary knowledge here. CAL is the brain child of Sid Khullar who is also the Managing editor for the food emagazine, CALDRON.

Home Chefs Guild – Another warm, friendly and interesting group where home cooking is truly celebrated. Again, I was a total stranger to this group but have made quite a few foodie friends out here. And during a casual chat with one of the group admins, Biji, we realized that we were actually neighbours back in my home town but never met then. The world is indeed a small place and the best way to bond is over food!

Today’s dish features high on my fave foods list – grilled fish. And this time, I used the famous Egyptian marinade, Berbere paste to spice up my fish. Fiery, spicy and pungent, the Berbere paste can be used to flavour both meats and seafood. It has quite strong flavours and a little goes a long way; if you want it less spicy, reduce the quantity of paprika.




Berbere paste – Adapted from Tortoises and Tumbleweeds (Journey through an African Kitchen) by Lannice Snyman


Berbere paste:

1. Cumin seeds – 10gms
2. Cloves – 6
3. Cardamom pods – 5gms
4. Coriander seeds – 5gms
5. red chilli – 1
6. garlic cloves – 4
7. ginger – 20gms
8. paprika – 30gms
9. turmeric powder – 2 gms
10. ground cinnamon – 2 gms
11. black pepper powder – 2 gms

For the fish:

12. 1 whole fish (I used trout but any type can be used)
13. Red tomato – 1, sliced
14. Lemon – 1, sliced
15. Salt – to season
16. Vegetable oil – for grilling the fish

For the salad:

17. Red onion – 1, finely sliced
18. Black olives – sliced
19. Lebanese cucumber – 1, sliced
20. Tomato – 1, sliced
21. Vinegar – 1 tbsp
22. Salt – to season



1. Dry roast the whole spices and grind to a fine powder. Add the remaining powdered spices along with garlic and ginger and grind to a paste.
2. Clean the fish well, wash and pat dry with a kitchen towel. Score on both sides and season with salt. Rub the marinade onto the fish and coat well. Line slices of tomato and lemon inside and over the top of the fish. Cover with foil and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or even longer as time permits.
3. For the salad, mix all the veggies and just before serving, season with salt and vinegar.
4. Heat the grill to high and drizzle vegetable oil. Place the fish with the lemon and tomato slices on top and grill for 10 minutes. Remove the lemon and tomato slices and carefully turn over the fish and grill on the other side till done.
5. Serve hot with the grilled lemon, tomatoes and salad.




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