Bacon Mushroom Sandwich

Sandwiches have always been one of my favourite types of food as it is fuss-free eating. After coming down to Australia, these have also become a way of life. I find it much easier to prepare these for our afternoon lunch – convenient for my hubby to have it at office and also make my son get used to having it on his own as he starts school next year. And the latter reason has also given me the momentum to try and experiment with different sandwich fillings and breads to keep it interesting and different every single day. So that means you are going to see a lot of sandwich recipes on my blog.

The earthy texture of the mushrooms with the strong meaty flavour of the bacon works well with the freshness of the lettuce.

bacon mushroom sandwich


1. Bread slices – 2, any variety
2. Bacon rashers – 2, cut into small pieces
3. Brown mushroom – ½ cup, chopped roughly
4. Red onion – 1, sliced
5. Lettuce – 2 leaves
6. Salt – to taste
7. Pepper – to taste
8. Chilli flakes – to taste
9. Tomato sauce – ½ tsp
10. Worcestershire sauce – ½ tsp
11. Vegetable oil – 1 tsp


• Heat oil in a pan and add the chopped bacon. Saute for one minute.
• Add the mushrooms and sauté till cooked.
• Add the seasonings and mix well. Remove from heat.
• To assemble the sandwich, place lettuce leaves on the bread slice.
• Scoop the mushroom-bacon mixture on the leaves.
• Add sliced onions to complete.
Note – For vegetarians, simply ditch the bacon or replace it with another vegetable of choice.


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