White Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Cups….a Guest Post from Savory and Sweet Food



Happy New Year folks!

My first post for this beautiful year comes with a bang! My first guest post….

I have seen other bloggers do this and felt that this was a good way to break barriers and indulge in some culinary camaraderie. But the only problem was I didn’t know many food bloggers, I mean on a personal level to request for a guest post. So I spent quite some time looking through the list of blogs that I subscribe to or follow and the first name that popped up was Sadia who runs an amazing blog called Savory and Sweet Food.

The first time I visited her blog, my instant reaction was WOW! It is a visual lip-smacking treat to scroll through the beautifully shot pictures of equally amazing recipes. Sadia, you are a professional dear. And you are an inspiration to try and be more creative myself as I strongly believe – ‘you eat with your eyes first.’




Like me, Sadia too has a professional scientific background but today, she has made Middle East her home and hence you cannot miss the Arabic touch to many of her recipes.

I was quite apprehensive when I requested her to do a guest post for my blog but she was sweet and kind to do it without any hesitation at all. I also asked her if she could do a dessert recipe as my blog sorely lacks ‘the sweet touch’. Well, Sadia makes amazing desserts and has been so kind to do this beautiful choclatey recipe for all of us to drool over. The only thing I would say is – a decadent, sweet indulgence!




In Sadia’s words;

I have decided to share the recipe of this mini bite-size dessert with edible chocolate wrappers, which is white chocolate mousse in chocolate cups. I have used a super, super easy mousse recipe that requires just a little bit of heating, stirring, whipping and folding. I am sure that you all will love this. You can break the monotony of the usual mousse by serving them in these gorgeous looking chocolate cups.

Over here, I have used tempered chocolate for making the chocolate cups and also for the chocolate decorations. Whenever you make fancy chocolate decorations, you need to temper your chocolate first. There are several ways to temper chocolate; I have used the microwave method.

Okay if you ask, why should we temper chocolate? Well, the answer is if you don’t temper your chocolate, while decorating it will get unmanageable. It might stick to your moulds, and the most important thing is that the decorations will melt away after sometime in room temperature, especially when you hold it. Please don’t skip this step if you want a properly hardened and shiny appearance to the chocolate cups.



This simple dessert is elegant, rich, and needs to be made ahead of time, so perfect for entertaining.


Serves 5

For the chocolate cups:

1/3 + 2/3 cups grated chocolate
(By grating the chocolate, it becomes easier to melt it at low temperature)

For the chocolate mousse:

Recipe courtesy: zai of sanjeevkapoorkhazana (http://youtu.be/ueF1W64syv0)

1 cup chopped white chocolate
3 eggs
2 1/2 tsp castor sugar
1/3 cup milk
3/4 cup thick cream or whipping cream





For the chocolate cups:

1. Put the grated chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. (Do not use glass bowl)

2. Add 2/3rd of chocolate in the bowl, and reserve the remaining 1/3rd. Microwave the chocolate in 10 second bursts, i.e. 10 seconds, stir then again 10 sec, stir until it is melted. I had to keep for six 10 second bursts. Remember, that you do not have to overheat it.

3. Add in the reserved chocolate into the melted chocolate and stir well. Keep in the microwave for another 5 sec. By then you will have the nicely melted and tempered chocolate.

4. Spoon a teaspoon of chocolate into each liner. Using a small pastry brush, evenly spread chocolate up the sides and along the bottom. Repeat with remaining liners. Put the chocolate cups in the freezer for 1/2 an hour, to harden. Apply a second chocolate coat to the cups and freeze for another 1/2 an hours. Peel the liners away from the chocolate.

If you want to see the video tutorial on tempering, check HOW TO COOK THAT.NET (http://www.howtocookthat.net/public_html/how-to-temper-chocolate-in-the-microwave/)



For the chocolate mousse:

1. Separate egg yolks from whites and place yolks in a bowl.

2. Add the castor sugar and mix lightly.

3. Heat sufficient water in a deep non-stick pan. Place the bowl over it and cook, stirring continuously, till thick or till the mixture coats the back of the spoon. Switch off the heat and remove the bowl from the pan.

4. Heat milk in a pan, do not boil. Add the milk, little by little to the egg mixture and mix well.

5. Add the chopped chocolate to the milk-egg mixture and mix till the chocolate melts.

6. Beat the whipping cream lightly till soft peaks form and fold it into the chocolate mixture, stirring lightly. But if you are using thick cream just mix it lightly, do not beat as you don’t want a runny mousse. Refrigerate for 4-5 hrs or preferably overnight.

7. Fill the chocolate cups with this mixture and garnish with raspberries, strawberries, chocolate shavings or chocolate decorations.





1. I used thick cream for the mousse instead of the whipping cream. Because of that, the mousse was a teeny little runny. But if you use whipping cream it will set perfectly.

2. Use glass bowl while double boiling, I used a plastic one and it took forever to get thick.




Happy drooling!!

15 thoughts on “White Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Cups….a Guest Post from Savory and Sweet Food

  1. Its this post that made me discover your blog – I have been following Sadia for a while so of course I needed to check out where she posted as a guest. Love the fact that I discoverd your blog!


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