Parsley Yoghurt Dip

Parsley Yoghurt Dip -


There is nothing more comforting for me than a big bowl of curd. A dash of salt is all that I need – to transform myself into a child again, licking my spoon and bowl clean with joyful abandon.

This dip is just another way to showcase my love for curd. A spoonful of chopped parsley for a fresh, herby texture and a generous sprinkling of my smoked chilli cumin mix to appease my Indian taste buds – you have a perfect accompaniment. The smoked chilli cumin mix can be made ahead of time and stored – a beautiful subtle spice mix for dips, salads, seafood etc…

I loved this as a dip with wafers, crackers and hot, roasted pappads. But this also works well as an accompaniment to rice dishes and parathas (Indian flat breads).


So here’s parsley yoghurt dip – refreshingly herby with faint spicy notes.


1. Thick curd/yoghurt – 2 cups
2. Fresh parsley – ½ cup, finely chopped
3. Salt – to season
4. Smoked chilli cumin mix – ½ tsp
• Cumin/jeera seeds – 1 tsp
• Dry red chilli – 3



• To make the spice mix, heat a pan and add cumin seeds and dry red chilli. Keep on low heat and dry roast the 2 spices till a beautiful aroma is achieved and the chillies turn slightly dark. Remember not to burn the spices though. Cool slightly and grind to a fine powder.
• To prepare the dip, beat the curd well (without any water) to break the lumps and get a smooth consistency. Add the chopped parsley and spice mix.
• Keep refrigerated and add salt just before serving.



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