Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice

Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice - thespiceadventuress.com


A few days earlier, I had posted the recipe for Szechwan chicken and I had mentioned that this is best paired with fried rice especially the Indo-Chinese style rice. Though I had prepared the same that day, couldn’t find the time to post the recipe. Since many people have asked me the recipe, I decided to post the same today.

A stark difference between the Indo Chinese style fried rice and the traditional Chinese one is that the latter uses sticky or a day old rice and sesame/peanut oil which lends a distinct flavour to the rice. But the Indo Chinese style uses the long grained rice generally and the veggies, egg or meat are cooked in vegetable oil.

This is quite a beginner’s recipe and can be made easily by anyone. The only thing to remember is to keep all the ingredients chopped and ready. The veggies have to be stir fried over high heat to retain colour and crunch. Add the ingredients which require the longest time for cooking at the beginning and follow in that order.

You can use just about all kinds of vegetables, meat or egg for preparing fried rice though I have done a mixed vegetable fried rice. And this makes an awesome tiffin box recipe too since children just love this stuff.
So, here is the recipe for mixed vegetable fried rice….



1. Long grained rice – 2 cups, washed, soaked and drained
2. Red onion – 1 large, chopped
3. Tender green beans – a bunch, chopped
4. Carrots – 1 large, chopped
5. Green bell pepper – 1 large, chopped
6. White mushrooms – 1 cup, sliced
7. Spring onions – 4, chopped
8. Vegetable oil – 3-4 tbsp
9. Salt – to season
10. Freshly milled black pepper – to season
11. Soy sauce – 2 tbsp
12. Tomato sauce – 1 tbsp
13. Red chilli sauce – 1 tsp


• Cook the rice in salted boiling water till just done. Make sure the rice has not gone overcooked or mushy.
• Heat oil in a large deep pan and add the onions; sauté over high heat for a minute and add the green beans. Cook for another minute and add the carrots. Saute for 30 seconds and add the mushrooms. Cook for a minute on high heat and add the bell pepper. Cook for another minute and add the spring onions.
• Add the seasonings and sauté for another minute on high heat.
• Lower heat and add the rice; stir through to combine and remove from heat.
• Hot, delicious fried rice is done.




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